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Picture Day Order Monday May 6th at the Studio

4:00-4:20 Creative Dance

4:20-4:40 Thursday Tap/Ballet/Jazz 1/2 (ballet costume)

4:40-4:45 Sister Dance

4:45-4:55 Thursday Tap/Ballet/Jazz 1/2 (leave on ballet, add tap skirt + lei)

4:55-5:05 Tuesday Tap/Ballet/Jazz 2/3 (ballet costume)

5:05-5:15 Jr Hip Hop 2 (older dancers with Miss Val)

5:15-5:25 Jr Hip Hop 1 (younger dancers with Miss Val)

5:25-5:35 Hip Hop Club

5:35-5:45 Tuesday Tap/Ballet/Jazz 2/3 (Pajamas + pillow)

5:45-5:55 Teen Tap

5:55-6:05 Jr Tap

6:05-6:10 Sr Comp Tap

6:10-6:25 Jr Lyrical

6:25-6:30 Sr Comp Lyrical (Miss Sophie)

6:30-6:45 Jr Ballet

6:45-6:50 Sr Comp Hip Hop

6:50-6:55 Opener (Jr Lyrical, SR Dance Troupe)

6:55-7:00 Wednesday Jr Contemporary

7:00-7:05 Sr Comp Jazz

7:05-7:10 Irish

7:10-7:15 Wednesday Jazz

7:15-7:20 Jr Student Choreo (bring your white sneakers!)

7:20-7:25 Sr Comp Contemporary

7:25-7:30 Jr Comp Team Jazz

7:30-7:35 Sr Dance Troupe (Falling)

7:35-7:40 Jr Comp Team Contemporary

7:40-7:45 Sr Ballet

7:45-7:50 Jr Dance Troupe (Jazz)

7:50-7:55 Pointe

7:55-8:00 Jr Dance Troupe (Tap)

8:00-8:15 Competition Solo Photos

20th Anniversary Show!! Saturday, 6/15/24

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The Studio

The possibilities are truly as diverse as the music at Dance Technics, the studio of all dance styles. For over 30 years Dance Technics has had the pleasure of serving the community with an acclaimed cultural performing arts center. Our highly professional staff continues to produce an excellent curriculum that motivates students to pursue the pleasure, discipline and creativity of dance.

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