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Ballroom Classes:


6:30-7:30 pm - Waltz & Foxtrot (intermediate)

7:30-8:30 pm - Samba (beginner/intermediate)

8:30-9:30 pm - East Coast Swing (beginner)


Tuition: $13/person, (check payable to Nancy Murphy or cash).

Advance registration  is required.  You must enroll with a partner, and there will be no changing parters.  Face coverings are optional. However, be prepared to wear them if others in the class are at high risk for COVID. Tuition will be paid by-the-class.

To register:
phone: call Nancy directly at 844-78DANCE (844-783-2623)


Classes take place at Dance Technics, 20 Merrimac Sq., Merrimac, MA.

If you are looking us up on your GPS or mapping software, it's at the
intersection of Main & School Streets.

Course Descriptions:

Waltz & Foxtrot (Intermediate)This course will goes beyond the basics in these smooth dances.  Prior experience is suggested.

Samba (Beginner/Intermediate)This course will present fundamental technique, body action, partnering and common dance figures in the Samba.

East Coast Swing (Beginner)
This class will present basic rhythm, partnering skills and fundamental dance figures for this popular dance. No experience required!


Dance Technics Adult Ballroom Classes, taught by Nancy Murphy.
Private lessons (including Wedding Lessons) are available before or after classes.
Questions about the classes? email or
call Nancy at 844-78DANCE.

The studio phone number is 978-346-9290.

Wedding Lessons Available!

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