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Dance Competitions 2021 (updated 2/5/21)


  1.  Groove Dance Competition March 13/14th        Andover, MA

        Payment is due January 15th, 2021


2.    Dance To Inspire April 3rd                                       Andover, MA

              Payment is due February 15, 2021


3.     Step Up 2 Dance May 9th                                       Andover, MA

                 Payment is due March 15th, 2021


4.   Optional Dance To Inspire March 27/28               Andover,MA

             Payment is due April 15th, 2021 (Solos + Duos only-20% off!!)



+Payments will be automatically be deducted on these dates for autopay customers unless instructed otherwise.

*Please note that many dancers have a credit from the 2020 optional competition that was cancelled. This credit will be applied to the first competition fees (1/15/21) unless stated otherwise.


        Dance Technics Dance Recital 2021 Info!

                                   Details coming soon...................